Become A Vendor

We hope you will join us this year at the Modesto Certified Farmers Market as we complete our transformation into the Central Valley’s premiere public market. It is always our goal to be an irreplaceable asset to the surrounding community, where we give local customers access to a wide array of fresh goods and products.

At MCFM we pride ourselves on having a diverse line-up of vendors and are always looking for new, local businesses to add to the mix. If you are a food maker, artisan, agriculturalist, or almost anything in-between, we want YOU!

Vendors we love to have at MCFM (including, but not limited to):

  • Certified Produce (Fruit, Vegetables, Specialty/unique product)
  • Certified Agricultural Products (Eggs, Meat, Honey)
  • Unique Arts (Handmade Clothing, Jewelry, Handcrafted Furniture)
  • Dairy Products (Cheese, Milk, Ice Cream)
  • Natural, Handmade Home and/or Body Products
  • Cold Foods (Packaged/jarred foods, such as jam or salsa, Bottled Drinks, Bakery Items, Cottage foods)
  • Hot Foods (Made and served at the market; Hot Drinks, Barbecued Food, Fried or Boiled Foods)

****Please note that applying to the market does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance is determined by the Board of Directors and manager on a number of factors, including business qualification, space available, and current availability of same or similar products at the market. Please be sure you have required documents prior to applying (see application for documents needed).

We at MCFM do not allow booths advertising a private business or selling services. Our market is for local small businesses that grow, cook, or make their own product to be able to market directly with the public. We do not allow booths for businesses such as insurance companies, real estate agencies, personal trainers, etc. unless they are partners of the market in that year. We do not allow sales representative businesses (such as Lu La Roe or Scentsy) under any circumstances. If you are interested in becoming a market partner of MCFM, please check out the Become a Partner section of our site, or email the manager at for details. If you are in charge of a local non-profit or community-service organization, please see the Community Outreach Space page of our site or email for information about our Community Outreach Space.

Download Mail-In Application

Application for the 2023 Season:

  • Complete our Online Application or Mail-In Application:
    • Online Application – submit your application using the below form. Please only include one business owners name when filling out the application.
    • Mail-In Application – download the PDF application here, fill out, and mail your application to us at…
      Modesto Certified Farms Market
      1522 H Street, Modesto, CA 95354
  • We are always accepting applications. If you apply and are not contacted, it means you were put on the waitlist. Your application will stay on file for the season and if there is an opening in the market, you could be contacted. If you were unable to join the market this season, please resend an application at the start of the new season.


  • The 2022 Modesto Certified Farmers Market Season runs from January 22nd to December 17th for Saturday’s, and April 2nd to November 19th for Thursday’s; both from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
  • The 2023 Modesto Certified Farmers Market Season runs from January 21st to December 16th for Saturday’s, Thursday markets start April 6th; both 8AM-1PM.
  • Location of the market is 16th Street between H Street and I Street.