Become a Partner

Over the last four decades, MCFM has prided itself on providing a bridge between local farmers and the community. Over time, our goals have evolved and grown beyond that. We now offer programs that aim to educate about the market for both adults and children. MCFM believes that the best way to outreach is to provide a fun and engaging environment for people of all ages, which is why we offer a craft day, events, and/or giveaway every month. All of the programs and events that we offer are always free because MCFM stands behind education and inclusion for all.

As a 501(c)(5) not-for-profit agricultural organization, we are always striving to expand our reach and impact in the community, but we cannot do it alone. Modesto Certified Farmers Market relies on the generosity of local businesses to help us maintain our educational and outreach goals. We have been proud to partner with several businesses who have a shared commitment to educating, promoting, and improving the community over the last four decades, and we are always looking for new partners to help us further make a difference.

If you are a local business interested in partnering with MCFM for the 2022 season, would like to make an in-kind donation, would like a list of programs and events to partner with us for, or have any questions, please contact our market manager via email.

Some events and programs we offered or were part of in 2021:

  • Chef at the Market- cooking demos and samples of recipes using primarily market ingredients
  • School Field Trip Program- coupons and scavenger hunts for local public school students
  • “Healthy Imaginations Grow Here”- crafts or special events for kids, with a different theme or focus every month
  • Music at the Market- local musicians play at every market
  • Jr. Chef at the Market- cooking classes for junior high-aged kids through East Stanislaus Resource Conservation District