Due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic and under the recommendation of local and state health agencies, Modesto Certified Farmers Market has put in place the following guidelines, so that we can have the safest, healthiest market environment possible.

Please make sure you review the following information PRIOR to attending the Modesto Certifed Farmers Market:

  • We have canceled all music, events, chef demos and crafts through June, and are prepared to extend that further should it be necessary.
  • We will not have our Information table or any of its contents out until further notice.
  • The market is for essential shopping only until further notice, and should not be used as a place for socialization or a family outing. Customers should buy what they need as quickly as possible then depart the market to prevent crowding and so others may get in and do their essential shopping.
  • The market will only have vendors considered grocery/pantry foods for essential shopping until further notice. These are fresh fruits, vegetables, and other edible certified agricultural goods (such as honey,) cold prepackaged foods (prepared offsite and packaged for refrigeration/freezing/pantry storage; these include snack foods, spreads, bottled products, etc) or baked goods (such as bread or pastries.) Please do not consume your purchases at the market.
  • We have delayed the start of our hot food/fresh-prep food vendors, as well as our artisan vendors (except our soap vendor) and are currently working with state and local authorities to allow them to return with safety protocols in place. We will announce their return on Facebook and Instagram when we get approval. All food will be to-go only and cannot be consumed at the market if/when allowed to return
    • Hot food is food that is cooked and/or is served hot at the market with the purpose of being consumed immediately (examples: hot coffee or bbq).
    • Fresh preparation food (also known as fresh-prep) is food that is made or assembled at the market that, while not served hot, is intended to be consumed immediately (examples: iced drinks, salads).
    • Neither hot foods nor fresh prep foods are in sealed packaging meant to be refrigerated, frozen or placed in a pantry for future consumption.
    • Artisan vendors produce goods that are not meant for human consumption.
  • Produce vendors will be asked to pre-bag their fruits or veggies. If they elect not to pre-bag, then they will need to do all of the product handlings for customers. All non-produce vendors will also be required to do product handling. The market is to be customer-contact-free until further notice. We will have signage at each booth reminding customers not to touch the product and to remain 6 feet away.
  • There will be no food/produce/product sampling of any kind
  • Where to stand to pay & line up will be marked on the ground with 6ft between each person measured out.
  • We will be keeping a count of who is entering the market by restricting the entrance to just the library parking lot driveway (all other entry points will be blocked off) and when there is a max amount of people on the street we will block entry until people exit the market. The waiting point will be marked off with social distancing standards in place.
  • We are requiring that our vendors have front-facing booths rather than a walk-in booth, to prevent crowding in the tents. Booths will be spaced out with at least 10 feet between them, and the spaces between booths will be roped off to prevent people from walking between.
  • We will have 2 mobile hand washing stations with 4 sinks total available at the market for customers to use to wash their hands. We encourage everyone to wash their hands frequently for at least 20 seconds with soap and water. We will also have hand sanitizer available.
  • For those customers that use EBT/CalFresh, we will continue to offer it as required by law. We will also continue to offer Market Match. The machine will be wiped down between each customer with sanitary wipes. The scrip coins will go through a sanitary bath before being recirculated. Vendors that are approved to take WIC FMNP or SFMNP will continue to do so.
  • We recommend that vendors, customers, and staff wear masks while at the market.

Please visit our Facebook page and Instagram page for more information.